Dragomir Kojić

Senior Director*

Office Phone: +381 11 3094 200
Direct Phone: +381 11 3955 450

Linkedin download Vcard *in charge of coaching, mediation, mentorship, internal communications and people management

Dragomir has been a lawyer and a partner at Karanovic & Partners for 15 years and has led a team of intellectual property lawyers. Since he has an education not only in law but also in psychology, Dragomir decided to dedicate his career more to human development in future. Thus, he took over a new position in the firm becoming a Senior Director at Karanovic & Partners in charge of coaching, mediation, mentorship, internal communications and people management. His specialty is working with businesspeople, particularly with managers and attorneys on topics such as: work-life balance, stress management, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, career development, seeking meaning in business and life, communication styles, public speaking. Still, he remains available to our intellectual property team as a consultant and mentor.

Education:C. G. Jung Institute Zurich (2016): Accredited Analyst
Erickson Coaching International (2015): Erickson Certified Professional Coach
Intellectual Property Office of Serbia (2002): Authorized Industrial Property Agent
Faculty of Law Novi Sad (2001): LL.M.
Faculty of Law Novi Sad (1997): LL.B.
Memberships:Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists “C. G. Jung Institute Zurich” (AGAP)
Swiss Association for Analytical Psychology (SGAP)
International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP)