Practice Groups


Anti-corruption and Investigations

Preventing bribery and corruption

It is never too long before a company that finds itself involved in bribery and corruption faces widely dispersed headlines, bringing irrevocable reputational damage and enormous fines. Our anti-bribery and corruption lawyers are here to help prevent such an occurrence, however unintentional, by educating and training our clients to comply with the necessary regulatory requirements in an appropriate and timely manner.

By organising specialised trainings for in-house legal teams and implementing risk management assessments, our preventative approach saves our clients invaluable time and money over the long term. Our lawyers specialise in conducting internal anti-corruption investigation, along with our client’s in-house compliance teams.

Multi-jurisdictional experience

Our anti-bribery and corruption lawyers possess a mix of international background and local know-how in handling high profile cases and clients. Our team combines experts from multiple fields, to provide experience in public procurement, relations with public officials, criminal law, competition and litigations, with an emphasis on corruption-sensitive areas such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy and construction.

We have insisted on the formation of such a team due to the cross-border and industry-specific nature of corruption practices, and for the purpose of being able to conduct thorough investigations of such practices in the widest context possible.

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