E-signing with Blocknify

With Blocknify, a startup which is a part of our programme, we started our joint k/signing project. With k/signing, we aim to pioneer the procedure of electronic execution of documents in a secure and transparent manner using blockchain. All electronic signatures (simple, advanced and qualified ones) could be under certain conditions generally recognized as legally binding throughout the jurisdictions in which we have a cooperation with local lawyers. As k/signing is powered by Blocknify’s advanced (not qualified) electronic signature, its use may be limited and associated with certain risks in some jurisdictions from a local law perspective.

How it works?

Using k/signing powered Blocknify is quite simple – all you need to do is to download Blocknify’s chrome extension, choose a file you wish to sign and fill-in the email of the other signatory. Afterwards, just press sign and send! There is also a helpful walkthrough video available at this link. This process is even easier if one of our cooperating lawyers will be sending the documents for execution to your counterparty and you.

Note: Karanovic & Partners has no liability arising from or in connection with the use of Blocknify. Blocknify is solely responsible for Blocknify and all issues in that respect (please see their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service available at www.blocknify.com). On specific legal, commercial and practical limitations of use of Blocknify in your business, please consult Karanovic & Partners.

k/signing is a project establishing procedure of electronic execution of documents and Karanović & Partners, provides solely legal services.