Directing Innovation

A conversation with Simone Van Neerven

What happens when a mathematician shifts her focus on people, their motivation, their emotions and engagement with workplace? How does anyone effectively manage and direct innovation?

Simone Van Neerven, a founder of reBel.la is the living proof that seemingly opposing things are more than compatible in practice. As a mathematician with a passion for people and tech, she was the Head of Innovation at Vueling Airlines, the leading Spanish airline. In the past years she has been building service design capabilities at Vueling to ensure best in class user experience in all its (digital) products and services. She has put human centered design in the heart of the airline’s innovation strategy, ensuring the right balance between tech and human. After he founded her own company reBel.la in 2018, she also supported Chanel in Paris with their innovation strategy.

In this episode of k/talks, Simone revealed to us a lot about what it takes for successful team management, what is laying on the intersection of innovation and motivation, and how to balance having your head in the clouds and keeping your feet on the ground at the same time.