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A walk with Nebojsa Djurdjevic

Nebojša Đurđević is the CEO of Digital Serbia and chairman of Serbian Government’s working group tasked with producing a strategy for strengthening the startup ecosystem between 2021 and 2025. To anyone expecting a dry conversation – this is anything but. Nebojša emigrated from Belgrade in the early 90ties, spent most of his professional career in startups across the world, and then came back to Serbia in 2018 to lead Digital Serbia’s efforts to help the country catch up in the global digital race.

Nebojša is a passionate collector of old-timers. More precisely, Citroen old-timers, for reasons we try to discover walking and talking around Belgrade. We move through downtown Belgrade, Kalemegdan park and the fortress, all the way to the Victor monument overlooking confluence of Sava and Danube rivers.

All the way, we explore what makes startup ecosystems more or less successful, what role, if any, luck plays in that success and how combining collective experience from the most successful ecosystems, together with some of Serbia’s unique advantages, can propel the local ecosystem even further.

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This episode is in English.