A conversation with Marko Mudrinić

Do you remember how the regional startup ecosystem looked like without its big players, serious conferences, professional associations, extensive investments and specialized media? How did networking or the search for new sources of funding and support looked like ten years ago, in the absence of today’s infrastructure? Leaving the secure job in companies in order to develop one’s own business might look crazy back then, but how did successful examples affect future digital entrepreneurs
Marko Mudrinić was a daily witness to these events. After he joined the netokracija.com as the editor for Serbia back in 2012, he distinguished himself as one of the leading IT journalists in Serbia, covering topics on Internet entrepreneurship, new technologies and digital trends. Marko shared with us his memories about the beginnings of the development of the domestic startup scene and IT entrepreneurship. Of course, we also talked about IT journalism, the future of the media and its specialization, what it is like to host a podcast, and many more.

You can find out more about Marko on Netokracija.rs, or you can watch him as a host of Netokracija’s “Office Talks” podcasts.

The episode is in Serbian.