Data Science Summits in Belgrade

AI Horizons: Insights from Belgrade’s Data Science Conference

Our Senior Associate Nikola Kliska recently attended the Data Science Conference in Belgrade on 21 and 22 November 2023. Prior to the conference, the Data and AI Summit took place., where representatives from Microsoft, Revian, and numerous data, AI, and ethics advisors shared their views through table topics. Most AI enthusiasts concluded that artificial intelligence is neither good nor bad; it is up to humankind to use it for pure purposes only. Interesting opinions were shared, such as predictions that AI will emancipate from the computer code and exist independently in the meta space. The code will be just its execution tool. A lot of engineers were in awe.

The Data Science Conference was a fantastic experience that allowed us to connect with fellow big data scientists and industry experts from all over the world. The conference was packed with engaging talks and presentations, covering topics ranging from machine learning and artificial intelligence to big data and data visualisation.

What made the conference even more special was our participation in the Pandora Conference, where Nikola was part of a panel discussing AI from the legal perspective (copyright, patents and trade secrets). As we have been working in the field of AI for several years, it was an honour to share knowledge and expertise with fellow professionals. During the panel, the members discussed the legal and ethical implications of AI development and deployment. They talked about the importance of transparency in AI algorithms, as well as the need for legal frameworks that can ensure accountability and prevent potential harm to individuals or society as a whole. Data mining and web scraping were also the topics.

We thank the organisers and wish them great success in the following years.


Senior Associate refers to Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners.

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