Ljubljana Seminar

Consumer Protection and Personal Data Protection Seminar in Ljubljana

On Thursday, 26 January 2023, our colleagues from Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic, organised a seminar for our clients and partners, on the novel obligations brought onto businesses by the new Slovenian Consumer Protection Act and Personal Data Protection Act, which became applicable the very same day..

Kevin Rihtar, Senior Associate at Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic opened the seminar and welcomed more than 40 attendees from different private and public companies. He briefly presented the importance of newly effective acts and gave the floor Vesna Ložak Polanec, Senior Associate, and Saša Oražem, Senior Counsel at Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic, who presented the novelties brought by the Personal Data Protection Act, and their links to employment issues. The attendees were particularly interested in new rules on video surveillance and the new obligation of keeping data processing logs for certain data controllers and processors.

A number of novelties in B2C relationships were introduced by the new Consumer Protection Act, among them regarding online market places and contracts for the supply of digital content and digital services. Kevin Rihtar carefully guided the attendees through the legislative changes and clarified a number of misunderstandings regarding the new obligations on the labelling of sale and discount prices on products, which were brought up by a number of attendees from the retail sector.

The seminar was concluded by dr. Maruša Pozvek, tax law expert from Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic. She tied tax law implications to these topics and successfully managed to present taxes through practical examples. Thanks to her, the audience (and other team members) learned several interesting facts, such as that Jaffa cakes™ are not actually cookies but in fact, qualify as cakes.

The seminar has proved to be very useful for the clients and partners, and the team is already looking forward to hosting the next event.


The information in this document does not constitute legal advice on any particular matter and is provided for general informational purposes only.