EU Integration Framework

Enhancing Market Competitiveness: Insights from the Conference on State Aid in Belgrade

On 27 and 28 May, a conference addressing state aid within the framework of European integration took place in Belgrade. This event was part of the project “EU Support for the Development of the Single Market of Serbia”.

The conference served as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences pertaining to the latest developments in EU state aid regulations and other related topics. Key highlights included presentations by domestic and international experts, shedding light on the challenges faced by officials navigating this complex landscape.

Participants included representatives from the Commission for State Aid Control of the Republic of Serbia, high-ranking officials from the Serbian administration and beyond, delegates from the European Union Delegation, and officials from Serbia’s state and local administration.

The conference was opened by H.E. Mr Juan Jose Sans Aparicio, Ambassador of Spain to the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Vladimir Antonijević, the President of the State Aid Control Commission of Serbia, Ms. Tanja Miščević, Minister for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia, and H.E. Mr Emmanuel Giofre, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia.

Our Partner Bojan Vučković, as the representative of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), contributed to a panel dedicated to investment management within the realm of state aid control. Joining him were Sanja Popović, director of the Legal Support Sector at the Development Agency of Serbia, Dijana Montillo-Mihajlović, Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic Analysis, Analytics, Planning and Publications at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and Jelena Mihajlović Tanasijević, Head of the Department for Local Economic Development at the Permanent Conference of Cities and Municipalities.

Against the backdrop of global transitions, including the digital and green transition, the role of public fund allocators becomes increasingly important in maintaining market competitiveness. Consequently, sharing insights on state aid at both international and national levels holds high importance. Such efforts foster transparency in fund allocation, facilitate control over the allocation process, and prevent distortions of competition within the market.


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