Karanovic & Partners Promotion Announcement

Ivana Racković Promoted to Partner

Karanovic & Partners is pleased to announce Ivana Racković’s promotion to Partner.

Ivana was a Partner in our Dispute Resolution team back from 2009 and after a pause in her career during which she was fully devoted to her family, Ivana came back as Senior Counsel in 2020. Now we are thrilled to have her back in the role of a Partner once again.

Combining her rich experience as an attorney and previous court experience, Ivana brought added value to our legal practice in terms of the quality and organisation of our service, understanding of business, internal and external communication, all in order to provide premium legal care to our clients.

As a Partner, her leadership and expertise will help drive the success of the Dispute Resolution team, and it is expected to grow further under her guidance.


Partner refers to Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanović & Partners.

The information in this document does not constitute legal advice on any particular matter and is provided for general informational purposes only.