Rastko Petaković at DSI Fireside Chat

Karanovic & Partners at CEO Summit 2020

Karanovic & Partners took part at CEO Summit, one of the largest and most significant business conferences in the region. On the first day of the conference, our Senior Partner Rastko Petaković and CEO of Centili Zoran Vasiljev discussed the possibilities that domestic startups offer for the recovery of the entire Serbian economy. As Digital Serbia Initiative members, they discussed if the current Covid-19 crisis represents a chance for further development of Serbian digital ecosystem and what DSI will do on that occasion, alongside with other stakeholders.

CEO Summit is one of the most significant business events in Serbia, intended to company directors, top management and other decision makers. The focus of this year’s conference was “the new normal” – how to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and to create the conditions for a faster economic recovery.



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