Legal Technology Innovation Serbia Update

Karanovic & Partners attend the LegalTech Innovation Conference

Karanovic & Partners took part at the virtual LegalTech Innovation Conference held on May 13. On a panel “How LegalTech and AI are Transforming Access to Justice”, our Senior Partner Rastko Petaković discussed the influence of technology in the legal industry along with the expert panellists Maeve Storey (CrowdJustice), Jenifer Swallow (LawtechUK) and Sophia Adams Bhatti (Simmons Wavelength).

During this interactive exchange, Rastko shared views on how access to justice has a wider meaning in developing countries (like Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro), and their attempt to catch up with the pace with which technology transforms societies. One of the main topics of discussion resolved around how commercial law firms can play a huge role in bridging this gap.

The LegalTech Innovation Conference brought together lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs and legal tech experts from all around the world. Experts from various technology-related fields shared their insights on the nature of legal technologies, their ethical considerations and relationship with data, the Internet of Things, AI, cybersecurity and blockchain.


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