Getting to Know the New Law

Karanovic & Partners holds a Briefing on the New Lobbying Law

Karanović & Partners held a briefing on the new Serbian Law on Lobbying (Law) on 26 February 2020. The event was devoted to the novelties introduced by the new Law with the objective of discussing and understanding the reasoning behind the Law’s adoption and mechanisms for its implementation.

The event, led by Partner* Goran Radošević and Senior Associate* Sanja Spasenović, was attended by top executives from various industry sectors and businesses, including pharmaceutical, banking and communication companies, as well as business associations.

In a full house event, the attendees were briefed in detail on what exactly the new Law will encompass, who can be a lobbyist, which rights and obligations are imposed by the Law and what kind of penal policy is envisaged by the same.

The new Law, as the first one of its kind in Serbia, bears many potential implications for a broad range of companies and other entities in Serbia, thus the briefing was designed to draw attention to such implications and ensure they are taken care of adequately and timely.


*independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners