Data Protection Serbia Update

“Keep it Personal”: Serbian Commissioner for Personal Data Protection initiates new campaign

The Serbian Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, supported by OSCE, initiated a new campaign called “Keep it Personal”, with the intent to promote the importance of right to privacy and adequate personal data protection.

Three years after adoption of the Personal Data Protection Law, which was introduced to bring the EU-privacy standards on the local front, the Commissioner noticed that the law still poses a mystery to many. The Commissioner found that, on the one hand, many entities subject to the law are still not in sync with its requirements, and on the other, that the data subject are generally not acquainted with the rights guaranteed through the said law.

The campaign is set to tackle this problem through a series of educative videos, covering topics such as what can be considered as personal data, who can process personal data, what is personal data misuse and who to call in such cases. The videos can be found here, in Serbian language only.

It seems that this new educative campaign means also that the Commissioner will be more present as a supervisory watchdog in the times to come. While presenting the campaign, the Commissioner outlined the increasing number of inspection visits and procedures initiated to sanction activities recognized as contrary to the law in the past years. These numbers and the ongoing campaign can be understood as a warning sign to companies in Serbia to prepare ahead and welcome the Commissioner as bullet-proof compliant, which is especially important for companies into IT and e-commerce given the high volume of personal data flowing in and out at near lights speed.

More on the campaign here.


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