Montenegro Update

Montenegro’s Gambling Task Force: Safeguarding Public Interests and Enhancing Oversight

Following recent amendments to the Law on Gambling, the Government of Montenegro took another significant step on 22 February 2024, by creating the Coordination Task Force for Protecting and Enhancing Public Interest in Organizing Gambling Activities (“Gambling Task Force”). Spearheaded by Mr. Momo Koprivica, the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro and President of the Gambling Task Force, this initiative aims to further safeguard and enhance public interest in organizing gambling activities.

The primary objectives of the Gambling Task Force include bolstering legal certainty, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the gambling sector, and identifying challenges and risks associated with it. With a strong focus on combating money laundering risks, the Gambling Task Force is empowered to propose measures that protect the public interest.

To ensure effectiveness, the Gambling Task Force has been granted the authority to coordinate the activities of relevant public bodies, including the Ministry of Finance, Gambling Administration, and Inspection Affairs Administration. Quarterly meetings and mandatory biannual reports to the Government of Montenegro highlight the commitment to transparency and accountability.

The President of the Gambling Task Force has publicly expressed concern over the number of minors involved in gambling activities. As a result, the Gambling Task Force plans to conduct a review of all concessions for gambling establishments located near educational institutions.

Money laundering risk in the gambling sector has been identified as a significant issue by the President of the Gambling Task Force, primarily attributed to an outdated online supervision system. In response, plans to implement a new online supervision system in the latter half of 2024 were announced, funded by a generous donation from Slovakia. This advanced system, modelled after the principles used in the electronic fiscalization system, aims to empower public bodies to flag suspicious transactions and accurately determine gambling concession fees. Additionally, it will offer a real-time feature for players to inspect the proper recording of their payments.

The establishment of the Gambling Task Force showcases a proactive approach to addressing challenges within Montenegro’s gambling sector. With the potential to enhance regulatory oversight, this initiative is poised to positively impact the integrity of gambling activities and bolster public revenues. Stay tuned for further developments as the Gambling Task Force leads the charge in shaping the future of the gambling landscape in Montenegro.


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