Tax News: Serbia

Annual Average Salary for 2023 is Published

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has released the 2023 annual average salary per employee, which amounts to RSD 1,423,188 (approx. EUR 12,160).

Individuals earning more than three times the average annual salary, i.e., RSD 4,269,564 (approx. EUR 36,480) are subject to the annual personal income tax (Annual Tax). The Annual Tax rate is 10%, except when the tax base exceeds six times the annual average salary, i.e., RSD 8,539,128 (approx. EUR 72,960) in which case a 15% rate applies for the amount exceeding this threshold.

The publication of the annual average salary is crucial for taxpayers as it allows them to assess their obligations to pay the Annual Tax and calculate the amount of tax.

Taxpayers must file their tax returns and pay the tax for 2023 by 15 May.


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