North Macedonia: Planning a gas pipeline connection with Greece

North Macedonia to Diversify its Gas Supply

Considering the ongoing energy crisis in Europe, North Macedonia is looking to diversify its natural gas supply. So far, North Macedonia imported only Russian natural gas through Bulgaria and Turkey, via a pipeline at Deve Bair.

The Government of North Macedonia (“Government”) is planning a gas pipeline connection with Greece, as well as investments in a gas power plant and a liquefied natural gas gasification plant in Alexandroupolis, Greece, in which North Macedonia will have a share.

The Minister of Economy announced that the tender for the construction of the gas interconnector with Greece will be published in June 2022, while the connection should be completed within 18 to 20 months. The gas interconnector with Greece will provide North Macedonia with access to gas from Azerbaijan.

The Minister of Transport and Communications of North Macedonia declared that the Ministry is going to request additional funding (approx. EUR 4.8 million) from the State Budget for completion of the gas pipeline infrastructure.

The Government expects that the above investments will increase the gas supply in the country and thus influence the liberalisation of the market and price competitiveness. The main objectives of the investments are to aid the stabilisation of the energy supply and increase energy security in North Macedonia.


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