Legislation update: Serbia

E-mail addresses have to be registered

Existing companies in Serbia are obliged to register their contact e-mail addresses with the Serbian Business Registers Agency by 1 October 2019, in accordance with last year’s amendments of the Company Law. Further, all newly incorporated companies are obliged to register their e-mail address at the moment of incorporation.

The registered e-mail address is used for delivery of electronic documents to the company. The registration of the e-mail address is free of charge, and there is no need for the company to issue any formal decision, as the registration is performed solely by filling out the application form.

In cases where companies fail to perform the registration of the e-mail address by 1 October 2019, they could be fined for a commercial offence in amounts ranging from approx. EUR 850 to approx. EUR 8,500, The authorized representative of such a company could be fined in an amount ranging from approx. EUR 170 approx. EUR 1,700.



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