Pontes, Karanovic & Partners and enervis publishing a market intelligence guide

Renewable Energy Investment Guide to be published soon

Net Zero 500 scenarios are being examined by The EU Commission and leading experts in year 2020, and it has been concluded that a combination of energy efficiency measures and sector coupling with intermittent renewable energy generation as the major energy source is the most effective.

In the meantime, many governments in CEE/SEE countries are still focusing on centralised power generation by nuclear and cogeneration by large gas plants, which is no longer in line with the new EU taxonomy rules. Current drafts of National Energy and Climate Plans are documenting that the new concept is yet to be followed by decisionmakers in CEE/SEE.

The authorities would need to implement appropriate regulations and support systems for a successful system transformation in CEE/SEE countries.

That means that the year 2021 will bring many legislative changes triggering a new wave of renewables investments, also in CEE and SEE region.

Pontes, Karanovic & Partners and enervis will soon publish market intelligence which will guide you through all markets between the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Adriatic Sea in these dynamic times – Renewable Energy Investment Guide.

This guide is intended to navigate the investors and developers through market entry barriers and offers an outlook for future CEE/SEE markets. It will be available free of charge to interested public.

For preorders of the electronic copy of the Renewable Energy Investment Guide please contact bd@karanovicpartners.com.



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