Corporate Law and Sustainable Business Challenges

XXXII Meeting of Lawyers in the Economy Held in Zlatibor

At the end of May 2024, the XXXII Meeting of Lawyers in the Economy took place in Zlatibor, Serbia. The event brought together leading industry experts to discuss and explore the latest innovations and regulatory changes impacting the business world.

One of the highlights of the event was the panel dedicated to disputes stemming from Construction Contracts and FIDIC Agreements, which featured a lineup of legal experts. Senior Associate, Filip Šušulić, participated in this panel, contributing his expertise on the subject. The panel revolved around the intricacies related to the many unique characteristics of such contracts in terms of commencement of disputes, price changes, submission of claims and Serbian court practice as to these disputes.

Each panellist brought a unique perspective on the complexities of construction contracts within the framework of FIDIC agreements.

The XXXII Meeting of Lawyers in the Economy not only highlighted the critical intersection of corporate law and sustainable business practices but also underscored the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among legal professionals. As businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability, the strategies discussed at this event will play an important role in shaping the future of corporate governance and sustainable development.


Senior Associate refers to Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanović & Partners.

The information in this document does not constitute legal advice on any particular matter and is provided for general informational purposes only.