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Being an ever-growing sector, subjected to numerous safety and security rulings, aviation is one of the most dynamic yet regulated industries in the world. Karanovic & Partners has a strong track record in this field, having acted on a multitude of related issues, establishing ourselves as leading legal advisors in the aviation industry in the region.
Our legal practitioners provide legal services that cover a wide range of aviation matters, be they airline, airport, lessors, or MRO-focused, with a particular interest in M&A, lease, financing, and registration, as well as other aviation industry affairs.
Members of our team are experienced in large-scale projects, strategic partnerships, airline and aircraft acquisition, lease and registration, compliance matters, and representation before local and EU regulatory bodies.
Our clients are from the commercial and general aviation sectors, and they include lessors, airlines, airports, PE funds, and MROs.

  • M&A

    We have provided full legal support during the two landmark airline transactions in our region. Our experience also includes the M&A of aircraft manufacturers and airports, as well as major airline restructuring regional projects and private purchases, from corporate, regulatory, compliance, competition, and HR perspectives.

  • Lease & Financing

    We have provided legal assistance to a number of lessors, airlines, and aircraft and engine producers across the region, with the expertise, focused on aircraft lease and financing, together with all post-lease activities.

  • Other

    We also help clients tackle diverse airport issues, including ground handling contracts, airport charges, traffic control, slot allocation and transfer, concessions, tickets, and conditions of carriage.
    Our team provides legal assistance in aviation insurance and claims as well.
    Finally, we offer legal advice in relation to drone and other pilotless aircraft technology, being up to date with its regional regulatory updates.

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