The Synergy between AI and HR

AImpactHR Conference: Embracing AI for Effective HR Practices

At the very end of April, the AImpactHR conference took place in Belgrade, delving into the intriguing subject of artificial intelligence and its influence on the field of human resources. It was organized by O.U.R. HR, the organisation of HR professionals in Serbia.

The conference stood out as the audience actively engaged in the discussions. Throughout the event, we explored the intricacies of AI and its functionality, ultimately arriving at the consensus that AI, while likely to replace certain roles, is not an adversary. Instead, it should be regarded as a collaborator, enabling us to maximize our potential and achieve optimal outcomes.

While acknowledging the potential of AI, it is vital to remain aware of its limitations and associated risks. The main message conveyed during the AImpactHR conference, moderated by our Head of Learning and Development, Ivana Karanović, was that there remains a crucial, irreplaceable role for human involvement in the process.

The conference served as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and introducing innovative approaches to the HR landscape. By leveraging the advantages of AI while respecting its boundaries, we can navigate this transformative era, maximizing the roles of both human and artificial intelligence.


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