Public Call for Auctions

Breaking News: Serbia Initiates Auctions for Awarding Market Premium for Solar and Wind

The Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia published the public call for auctions for awarding of market premiums (in the form of CfD) for wind and solar projects earlier today (Wednesday, 14 June 2023).

As per an earlier announcement, the total quota for premiums amounts to 400MW for wind power plants and 50MW for solar power plants. The maximum price is set at 105 EUR/MWh for wind and 90 EUR/MWh for solar power plants. The fixed percentage for balancing that will be payable by the winning projects to EPS is set at 5.81% of the maximum price for wind and 2.65% for solar power plants. The bidders should also take into account the obligation to secure a deposit for land restoration following the end of the life cycle of the plant.

The auctions are organized digitally and conducted through the oieaukcije.mre.gov.rs website, where instructions and the public call for applying to auctions are also published. Applications are submitted through the above-stated website for a period of 60 days as of today, i.e. until 14 August 2023.

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