Berry Business Forum in October

Karanović & Partners to Moderate a Panel at the Berry Business Forum

Karanović & Partners will take part in the Berry Business Forum organised by Agro Belgrade on October 6/7.

Our Senior Associate and Head of IP, Nikola Kliska, will moderate the panel on Breeders’ rights in correlation with good planting material on October 6 starting at 11.30. Other panellists are representatives of CIOPORA, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Agrol, and Floriva.

Regarding the connection between the  Plant Breeders’ rights and IP,  plant breeders’ rights are a form of intellectual property rights. They provide special protection for plant varieties when it comes to the traditional selection of plants, which leads to emphasizing the characteristics of a plant. These are the properties that this plant has had for thousands of years, but they were not noticeable, highlighted, or sufficiently used. The plant variety created in such a way must be new, different from the previously known varieties, homogeneous, and stable (so that the shoots give the same results as their ancestor). For this type of intellectual property right, it is essential that  it is  registered and that the researcher who worked on a new plant variety has the right to produce that new plant variety, to offer it to others, and to sell specimens of that plant variety.”

Agro Belgrade is an International Fair of Fruit, Viticulture, and Vegetables with more than 500 foreign and domestic participators. Besides the fair, they organise conferences focusing on trends and challenges in the field of agricultural production.

*Senior Associate refers to Independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners

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